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Are you tired of searching sites like Zillow, only to find that the home you really like actually sold 2 months ago? If so, give my app a try. Once you do, you’ll never use another app. It is GPS based and will actually find homes that are near you (that are really for sale!). Of course, you can also set up your own search parameters one you create an account.

Best of all, you are in control. You won’t be contacted by me or anyone else unless you specifically request it!

Don’t just drive around hoping you find your next home. What if you turn left instead of right, only to later find out your dream home was to the right! There are so many great options that I am positive you will enjoy the experience.

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The NEW APP is not here yet, so let me tell you just a few things about what you’ll find after it auto updates on your phone.

Home DNA – by using the app and rating a homes features you edit your home preference DNA.  Your ever evolving Home DNA then tells me what you really want in a new home purchase.  

Percentage Match is a feature that uses your DND data to match a possible home for you to go see.

Explore is a feature that lets you see information about the neighborhood, it’s features and offerings.

Scheduler: Schedule an appointment with me, your agent directly from the app.

Tour Mode: Creating a showing route with commute times –  You are in control and can create your own route.

Create Groups: You can save a collection or group of homes.  Invite people to share access to your group.   Create groups like, Best kitchens, Closest to work, Too expensive but love, Investment properties, Homes w/pools,  make a collection around ideas like fenced yards – similar to Pinterest

Market Snapshots: Ability to get REAL neighborhood details .  explore data like the sales history, prices, days on market, dog friendly, kids play outside?  Market snapshots look into just the neighborhood in question, not the larger zip code area.  My app will offer Market Snapshots of your neighborhood.  Finally an app that help you decide the most important decision, which is where in town you want to live backed with real data.  

NextDoor: My app is partnered with NextDoor.  My app searches Next Door for neighborhood data.  Consumers can track whatever they want in their real estate feed in the app.  

HOME VALUE DIRECTION: The KW app will actually tell you if your property value is going up.

GUIDE:   This is on demand information, like UBER, that tells you where the car is.  Consumers want on demand information.  As you work a deal thru command, the consumer gets the real time information.  

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